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  • Philips Airfryer Black Friday Deals 2020
    Best Airfryer Christmas Deals 2020

    COVID 19 has blocked our life this whole year, but Christmas 2020 is coming with some hope of happiness and love. It’s time for social gatherings, lights, fun, and a feast. Like always, the stores and your searches will be full of Christmas gifts. Airfryer is one of the best Christmas gifts for parents, partners, […]?

  • Best airfryer for couples
    What size Air Fryer fits for a family of two/ Couple?

    Airfryer is one of the most helpful kitchen appliances for singles and couples. Purchasing an Airfryer is not limited just to functions and rating. You must have a clearer view of what you need and what you are buying. The Airfryer that you buy must serve the purpose. There is a wide range of Airfryer […]?

  • What is best Air Fryer for your family
    What is best Air Fryer for your family?

    Which size Airfryer to buy? Choosing the brand of Airfryer is easy, as you can find several reviews and rating parameters on the internet. But which size of Airfryer is suited for your family is a tricky question. You may need a 4-quart Airfryer for three people if you are not a regular user and […]?