An Air fryer is a small cooking appliance that can fry or deep fry any food with very little oil. An Air fryer fries the food minus the fat and extra calories keeping the food crispy. 

Air fryers are recently developed appliances, and most buyers are still confused about their use and need. Today we will answer the question in your mind “Do I need an air fryer?”. Types of food it can cook, is it worth the price and many more.

 Read this article to find out all your answers.

Introduction to Air Fryer

What is an Air Fryer?

An Air Fryer
An Air Fryer

An Air fryer is essentially a tiny appliance that circulates very hot air at a super high speed. It helps in cooking the food without oil but makes the food crispy and it would be in the oven. There is no oil required in cooking the food in an air fryer, so the food is without fat. Food is roasted in the air fryer with the hot air circulating within it. An air fryer can cook even deep-frying food without using much oil. It crisps the food even better than fried food. The food made in an air fryer is much lighter than the fried food. The heating temperature is set at a higher temperature which makes the food cook fast and crispy. No difference could be seen between fried and non-fried food, which is cooked in an air fryer. Air fryers are easy to clean as food is fried without oil, and the baskets are non-stick. Air fryers come in so many variants, sizes, and different power capacities and different price ranges.

How does an Air Fryer work?

Air Fryer working structure
Air Fryer working structure

An air fryer is a machine with a super new technology in which food can be cooked using less oil to make the food more on a healthier side. The food is cooked in the super-heated air that circulates within the machine. There is a fan inside the air fryer, which helps in rotating the hot air. The food is cooked fast and has as much taste as the food is cooked in oil.

History and Present position of Air Fryers

Airfryer is not a significant invention of the century that changes the dishes of human history. But yeah, it changed the lives of many homemakers and husbands in a better way. It bought many new changes in the cooking styles and of course with many health benefits. The traditional cooking style included deep and shallow frying of the food. Still, the air fryer has an entirely different and healthier cooking style without oil or less oil.

The Origin of Air Fryers

Philips is a Leading Air Fryer Company
Philips is a Leading Air Fryer Company

In 2010, Philips electronics company introduced the first air fryer in the world. With its motto ‘Innovation and you’. Philips has always been caring a lot about the needs of its customers and then came up with a new concept of cooking with this Air fryer machine.

Philips electronics company claims that the food cooked in an air fryer contains 80% less oil. This is a massive decrease in oil consumption that people ingest every time. Many other brands have also manufactured the air fryers after Philips launched its own. Maybe air fryers can be rated down in history, but one thing is for sure that healthy food can be cooked without using oil.

Major Airfryer Brands

Major Air Fryer Brands
Major Air Fryer Brands

There are more than a dozen brands of Airfryer, but these are the most sold brands of air fryer

  • Philips
  • Cosori 
  • Ninja
  • NuWave

Current Position of Air Fryer

An air fryer is already a significant cooking appliance among US citizens. It has been giving a tough competition to devices such as ovens and electric pressure cookers which has existed for decades. 

The need for air fryers is expected to rise in the coming year as people are shifting towards a healthy life. With the advancement of technology and its features like LED light, intelligent sensors, multiple purpose use, touchpads, intelligent controls, Airfryer are at the pinnacle of success. The demand for this product is growing in every corner of the world. 

Let’s see the trend of air fryers compared to Instant Pot (Electric Pressure cooker) and Oven since 2004.

Google Trends Comparison of Air Fryer, InstantPot and Oven
Google Trends Comparison of Air Fryer, InstantPot and Oven

The Blue Line Indicated Airfryer shows how searches related to air fryers are growing year by year and almost matching that of the oven.

COVID-19 Pandemic, Health Concerns, and Airfryer: How do they relate?

Amid the COVID pandemic and lockdown, people are now working from home, staying away from the gym, sleeping extra, and eating much more oily food than before. This stay-at-home culture has made people less active towards their body fitness. People are conscious about their health more than ever but are not able to do anything about it. The majority of people want to switch from oily food to non-oily food, and there comes the need for an air fryer. At most, what you can do with an air fryer is cut off daily consumption of oil without compromising on taste.

Advantages of an Air Fryer:

Advantages of air fryer
Advantages of air fryer

An increasing number of people are using this kitchen appliance. It is no longer surprising why this kitchen appliance quickly became popular among consumers. It practically made frying healthier and more convenient. This is a worthy investment if you love to cook. There are several advantages of using this appliance, which includes the following:


Traditional frying takes a little longer to complete compared to frying using rapid air technology. In addition, you do not need to check if your food is already fried. Just set the temperature and time that the manufacturer recommends for a specific food. The best air fryer models will automatically turn off once the timer is done. If you use the set the fryer the recommended time and temperature, you can guarantee that your meal is evenly cooked.

Excellent Quality

The mechanical fan within the fryer distributes the hot air evenly around the food. This ensures that all sides are exposed to hot air and are adequately cooked. Check the instruction in the manual, and see what temperature and time are recommended for the food you are cooking. Once you bite your chips and chicken, you will notice that it is crispy on the outside but tender and juicy inside.


As implied by its name, this kitchen appliance is designed primarily to fry foods. However, you can also use this to grill, roast, and even for baking. This means that you can use the air fryer to make anything from snacks, appetizers, or even desserts. Having this in your kitchen will undoubtedly make your culinary adventure more enjoyable. The versatility of this appliance is one of the reasons why most users were impressed and gave a positive air fryer review.


The best deep fryer comes with an easy-to-follow manual, which serves as a guide for first-time users. Do not worry because using this device is easy. Just place your food in the cooking basket, then put it inside the fryer. Set the time and temperature accordingly and wait until it is cooked. After that, you can enjoy your meal.


Experts often discourage people from eating fried foods because it is unhealthy. The cholesterol could increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Aside from that, it can also cause weight gain, which does not bode well if you are trying to lose or maintain your weight. There is no need to use oil when preparing foods using the air fryer. This will eliminate the fat, but it will significantly decrease your oil intake by up to 80 percent. This is certainly a healthy alternative to deep-fat fryers.

What are the disadvantages of an Air Fryer?

Disadvantages of air fryer
Disadvantages of air fryer

Even though air fryers are mind-blowing appliances with numerous benefits and features, no cooking appliance ever made is without cons. Airfryer also have some limitations; they are

  • Air fryer might take up extra space in your kitchen.
  • Regular Air fryers are small for families larger than ten people.
  • Although the taste of the food is not compromised substantially but tastes a bit different than deep-frying, it will take a few days for your mind to adjust.

Air Fryer vs. Oven: I already have an Oven. Do I need an Air Fryer?

Air fryers are designed for oil-less cooking, while ovens are found long back for closed cooking. Ovens are something you must have at home for cooking, baking, roasting, dehydrating, frilling, pizzas, etc.. Still, air fryers fulfill the specific purpose of keeping you healthy by deep-frying using oil.

If you don’t have an oven already, we will suggest you go with an Airfryer Oven, which combines two appliances at the cost of one. This is going to save money, space, and precious time for you.

If you already have an oven, then you can take a step back and rethink. If you are fond of fried food and feel guilty about ruining your health while eating oily food, then an air fryer is a must-buy cooking device. It reduces your health concerns and keeps your family healthy. 

If you don’t have health concerns or don’t intake any oily or fried foods, you don’t need to buy an air fryer if you already have an oven.

Difference between Air Fryer and Ovens

Air Fryer and Oven
Air Fryer and Oven

Air fryers are not as bulky in size as ovens. Food is cooked completely oil-free in the air fryers, but if we see the food baked in the oven contains some amount of oil. An air fryer is small, but ovens come in many sizes and are comparatively big sizes. Food can be cooked in small quantities in air fryers, but large amounts can be cooked at once in ovens. Large families can easily make food in one go in the ovens, no need of cooking in multiple batches. Now air fryers have started coming in various sizes so that they will be convenient for large families.

This is a concise description; read our blog for detailed differences between air fryer and oven.


Air Fryers are mini magical equipment that can keep you and your family healthy without compromising on taste. Air fryer reduces the consumption of oil in your daily life by 80%. Air fryer sales have skyrocketed in the last five years, and in general opinion, air fryers are always helpful. So, if you have health concerns in mind and don’t want to compromise on taste, an air fryer is a must-buy appliance.

FAQ of Air fryer 

Is air frying better?

Better than what? If you mean is air fryer better than the oven, then the short answer will be ‘Latest Air fryers are better than oven because they are much more versatile and can even bake like ovens. However, in detail, the answer will be different Click here to read more

Are air fryers a waste of money?

No, if you have health concerns and you feel guilty about your weight. They will probably be your best $100 ever spent. But if you are already a gymnast, athlete, or someone who strictly follow healthy diet rules, air fryers won’t be the wisest investment

Can you use an oven instead of an Air Fryer?

Well, the primary use of air fryers is frying without oil which no oven can do. Ovens are versatile and could be used for a wide range of cooking, but they can’t fry food. Therefore, no, you can’t use an oven instead of an air fryer.