Is Air Fryer Better Than Oven?

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Short Answer: Yes, if you have health concerns in mind.

Right Answer:

Air fryers are specifically designed cooking appliances to serve the sole purpose of healthy cooking. Airfryer can fry food items like French fries with very little oil. Ovens are the most popular cooking appliance that has existed for centuries. Ovens have a diverse range of cooking uses and are much more popular, but it is not designed for healthy cooking. The question is, an air fryer better than an oven is not easy to answer. The answer depends totally on the perspective and needs of potential buyers.

Here we will discuss the different criteria for rating and draw the comparison chart.

Find out if an air fryer is better than an oven?

We are going to draw a side by comparison of the Airfryer and oven based on different criteria. We will also give points on each standard and sum it in total. 

Point Rules

The point rules are 

  • 1 for advantage
  • 0 for disadvantage
  • One each if both devices have the same advantage
  • 0 each if both devices have the same disadvantage

Comparison Air Fryer vs. Oven Criteria

The Criteria of Comparison will be the following

  • Brand and Customer Service
  • Size
  • Price
  • Availability
  • Power Consumption
  • Cooking Methodologies
  • Versatility
  • Cleaning
  • Safety Features
  • Variants
  • Easiness
  • Sales
  • Repair
  • Durability 
  • Healthy Cooking

Air Fryer vs. Oven Comparison Chart

CriteriaAir FryerOvenRemarksAir Fryer PointsOven Points
Brand and Customer ServiceMajor Manufacturers are new companies like Ninja and GoWISE but also some old players like Philips and Cuisinart are thereMost of the Oven Manufacturers are old and well-established companies like Toshiba and Panasonic.Oven manufacturers might have better customer service compared to Air Fryer because of old and established companies01
Size2 Quarts to 18 Quarts
Could Serve up to 12 people
10 liters to 30 Liters
Most household ovens can serve up to 10 people
Air fryer compact design provides it in advantage on size10
PriceRange $40- $300Range $100- $800Airfryer is comparatively cheaper than Ovens10
AvailabilityN/AN/ABoth are readily available in online markets11
Power Consumption800 watts to 2500 watts
Average 1500 Watts
1000-5000 watt
Average 2500 watts
Airfryer consume lower power than an oven.10
Cooking MethodologiesSuper-Heated Air Circulationheating Element to cook evenlyBoth have their cooking techniques and does not conquer over other11
VersatilityMostly used to air fry items without oilAre used for many purposesOvens are more versatile than air fryers01
CleaningNon-Stick Removable food basket Interiors are harder to cleanAirfryer is comparatively easy to clean10
Safety FeaturesEasy food removable basketOpen and close lid with no easy food extractionAirfryer is much safer for teenagers10
VariantsN/AN/ABoth have multiple size and function variants11
EasinessAirfryer is easy to cook because of its preset functionsA bit tougher because a wide range of varietyAirfryer is more comfortable to operate10
SalesAirfryer is new to the American market, but the sales are multiplying.Ovens have existed since centuries, and millions of units are sold every yearOvens have the upper hand in the number of sales01
RepairAirfryer is a specialized device and is not repaired frequentlyOvens are generic and could be repaired even at home Ovens are easier to repair01
Durability 2-3 years3-5 yearsOvens Serves for a longer time01
Healthy CookingThe air fryer is solely designed for healthy oil-free cooking Ovens do not serve any health purposeAir fryers have a vast health advantage over ovens10
Total Points108

From the above comparison, it is clear that the air fryer has an advantage over ovens in terms of size, price, cleaning, etc. but ovens have the upper hand in durability, sales, repair, etc. The side by side comparison chart of Airfryer and oven gives us the answer that Air fryer is better than the oven.

The Final decision

Although the comparison is fair and squares, the significant criteria that will affect your decision are Versatility and Health Benefits. Airfryer could be health magic for your family, but ovens are nowhere close to air fryers in these criteria. Even though the generic and affordable air fryers do not serve multiple purposes, the advanced and slightly expensive Airfryer could serve various purposes, including baking, dehydrating, reheating, slow cooking, and even grilling. While the new air fryers are pushing ovens out of business, ovens are nowhere closing air fryers on health benefits. 

Today’s customers do not just want to eat tasty but healthy food. As per a research conducted by a private institute, 60% of the American consider fried foods to be a significant element of obesity. 

Since Airfryer can do seamless healthy cooking, yes, Airfryer is better than ovens.

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