Today’s society is dependent on machines to make life convenient. People have gone a long way from the olden times in doing daily chores faster and more efficiently. This aspiration has led men to create appliances that made a tremendous difference in the way household tasks are done.

One of the most important aspects of living is the consumption of food. The cooking of meals depends on a modern apparatus that cooks food fast, delicious and nourishing. Contemporary kitchens are equipped with built-in cabinets, countertops, and up-to-date machinery to make meal preparation easy and hassle-free. Nowadays, busy homemakers can’t do away with the handiness of cooking devices that turn every meal into a festive occasion.

Regarding cooking, two cuisine makers in the market vie in terms of consumer rating and product sales – the NuWave Oven and the AirFryer.

Nuwave Oven Reviews:

NuWave oven how does it work, and what are the pros of using this device in the kitchen?

NuWave oven cooks Oil-Less food
NuWave oven cooks Oil-Less food

The NuWave Oven is an approach to cooking that applies infrared, conduction, and convection altogether.

  • Heatwave (the company that patented the infrared rod in the motor) permeates the innermost while browning the surface of the food
  • Conduction is the physical contact of heat with food
  • Convection is the circulation of hot air around the food that yields to an even cooking

This gadget has sold over seven million units!

The selling marks of this portable oven are: saves time, cooks food straight from the freezer, healthier course to cooking, versatile, easy to clean, and eco-friendly.

  • Time saver- It doesn’t need preheating. It cooks food 50% faster than a traditional oven.
  • Allows you to cook food without thawing or defrosting.
  • They are designed to collect oil and fat drippings without reducing the flavor of the food.
  • Versatile cooking Gives one the liberty to try various cooking methods from broiling, baking, roasting, steaming, barbequing, dehydrating, and even air-frying!
  • Easy and smooth cleaning of removable parts
  • NuWave oven utilizes only 1/3 energy or a regular oven. It diminishes carbon emission, and it does not warm up the kitchen.

The brief usage method and user instructions are provided with the product.

While this product has established its appeal to customers, there are some persistent criticisms that the manufacturer has to address, such as:

  • Cooking times are not reliable.
  • Plastic dome cracks in a year or two. The cost of the plastic dome ranges from $15 to $45, excluding the shipping fee, which is a significant drawback for shoppers.

Is there a better choice than a NuWave oven?

What is an air fryer? How does an air fryer work?

 A newer product in the market downgrades the NuWave oven in terms of higher customer ratings, enhanced automated features, track record of durability, and 70-80% oil reduction yet sustaining excellent food palatability. This is illustrated in the recent Best Hot Oil-less Review of 2021. It highlights the winning features of Philips Airfryer and its benefits to customers. Among which are the following:

  • Oil-less frying results to a 70-80% fat cut down
  • Regulated time and temperature control
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Accessible to clean/dishwasher safe parts
  • Cooks food superbly with no grease and no mess
  • All-round chef – can roast, broil, bake, or grill
  • Has a built-in cooling system and exhaust
  • Recommended for people who are on the go, or busy parents
  • It comes with a recipe book with meals that are delectable and low-fat
  • Value for money with heavy-duty parts that deliver premium performance