Tefal is the first brand that introduced Airfryer (also known as ActiFry) in the American kitchen appliance market, a popular oil-less fryer in American markets. In comparison, Philips is one of the most successful brands in the American air fryer industry. Both brands sell premium ‘Made in USA’ air fryers, Tefal Actifry Vs. Philips Airfryer is a question every potential buyer asks. Today we will answer your question about how they compare and which one is better. We will compare them based on size, price, versatility, durability, popularity, appearance, and availability.

Comparison Models

We can’t compare all the models of Philips and Tefal against each other because they vary in size, price, and usability. Therefore, we are going to compare these models from each brand.

Philips: Philips Digital Twin TurboStar Airfryer XXL

Tefal: T-fal FZ700251 Actifry Oil-Less Air Fryer 

Both fall under the same price range and cooking capacity. We might be comparing only two models, but these may represent the whole brand quality and preferences except for price and cooking capacity.

Tefal Actifry Vs Philips Airfryer


When comparing these two air fryers, you will notice that the appearance of the units is quite different, and of course, which you prefer will be down to personal preference. However, my choice is for the Philips Air Fryer with its clean-cut lines and pod shape. 

While everything is hidden away when cooking, this is likely to mean that children will be less inclined to try and watch their food go around and round. On the opposite side, you must pull the basket out to check on the contents and shake when cooking some items, and the basket can need a good pull to get it out.

Winner: Philips

Cooking Time

The Philips appears to be faster than the Tefal, but both take longer with chips than any other food, which may be fresh or frozen. Given the way these machines work, you are going to get splatter from both. With the Tefal, this will be on the clear lid (which has been known to discolor and crack); with the Philips, this will be mainly on the splash guard below the grill element, but the apparent parts of both machines are dishwasher safe.

Winner: Philips


Tefal has improved the stirring paddle that seems to have been at the root of the problems. The newer FZ7000 series no longer has a clip-on paddle prone to break; instead, it has a click and locks far better. The Philips is far too new to have a history to draw on, so we will have to wait and see. As indicated, the Tefal has come in for battering because of the need for replacement parts. Given the price, one would hope everything would work for longer, but that’s the price you pay for the new technology. 

Winner: T-fal


While both machines will cook chips, French fries, wedges, meat, and poultry, there are a couple of differences.  For example, in the Tefal Actifry, you can produce stir-fries and Curry because of the paddle and a hidden heat element. The Philips Air Fryer can’t do stir-fries but will make you an excellent sausage roll, bake a muffin, cake, or quiche, cook stuffed vegetables and brown off pre-baked bread.

You need to decide where your tastes lie – do you prefer primarily savory foods, or would you like the convenience of baking in a worktop-sized mini oven? If the latter, you may find that the baking tray you require is an additional add-on for some models. I believe it’s around $30 to buy separately.

Taking a quick look at the t-fal Actifry Fry, you can only cook foods suitable for deep-fat frying as there are no more options. Tefal does have a good reputation, though, so if you want it for chips with a bit less fat, go for this one as it’s cheaper.

Winner: None (Even)


The other significant difference is that T-fal has a smaller capacity than the Philips of around 20%. So, if you are looking for a family-sized model, go for either the standard Tefal or the larger family-sized model.

Winner: Philips


The price, of course, is a significant concern. The Philips Air Fryer can retail at around $300, but wholesale companies can offer a better deal, so try here for the Philips model. However, in monetary terms, the Tefal ActiFry is usually cheaper for this specific model. It costs slightly more than $200 but at reduced capacity.

Winner: T-fal Actifry

Reviews and Ratings

Philips Digital Twin TurboStar Airfryer XXL has 1400+ reviews and a rating of 4.6/5 on Amazon, whereas Tefal ActiFry air fryer has a 13000+ rating and 4.6/5 rating on Amazon. Although both Tefal and Philips have the same rating of 4.6/5, Tefal has got ten times more reviews than Philips, which proves that it’s more popular among American people

Winner: T-fal Actifry

Conclusion: Which is better, Tefal or Philips Airfryer?

As a foodie and blogger, I can’t decide the best. I like the look of the Philips, the size, and its versatility. The price of the Philips air fryer quite expensive, and you won’t find many variants and attachments to it

The Tefal Actifry is more tried and tested but comes with a questionable reliability record for some parts, namely the paddle and lid. No doubt these components have improved in the later models, and you can purchase these parts separately should they break outside the guarantee period.

For more information, you can read the User Guide for both of the kitchen appliances here,

Other Alternatives

There are also various other T-fal and Philips Airfryer that you can choose as per your need. Other Airfryers from NuWave and Ninja are new to the market and can be found priced around $100. Not quite the same, but if you are interested in value for money air fryers, Tefal ActiFry and Philips air fryers don’t make it up to the mark and are expensive.

Here are the best air fryers of 2021 in the US market that give you value for money.

Tefal vs. Philips: FAQ Section

Tefal vs. t-fal vs. Tfal, which one is correct?

Tefal is the correct brand name of this air fryer, while they were also marketed as T-fal ActiFry. While it was much easier to type ‘tfal’ than ‘t-fal’ in search engines, ‘tfal’ is the generally used name for this air fryer.

What is the difference between Actifry and air fryer?

Very Minor. Tefal was the first brand to introduce air fryers in the market, and they were marketed as ActiFry. In contrast, when Philips entered the market, they branded the technology like an air fryer, becoming more popular. Later, Air fryers in the market added other functions like bake, roast, grill, dehydrate, etc., while ActiFry was the oil-less cooking method. The difference is no more than ‘iPhone’ and ‘smartphone.’

Which is best, ActiFry or Airfryer?

An air fryer in the market could Air fry, defrost, dehydrate, roast bake, and so on, while an ActiFry can only oil-less deep fry. Considering this, the air fryer is better than ActiFry.

Is Tefal a good Airfryer?

Yes, Tefal is among the best air fryers in the market. T-fal air fryers have a durable finish, better cooking technique, and easy handling.