An air fryer is a new appliance and has been dramatically improved over time to include more advanced technologies. Using the air fryer for the first time requires that you learn how to use it efficiently. Some factors will impact your cooking experience whether your have used this machine before or not. Before we get into using an air fryer for the first time, let’s discuss in short what an air fryer is.

What is an air fryer?

The Air Fryer is an appliance used to cook food through hot air circulation at high speed for those not yet familiar with it. A mechanical fan aids in the circulation, which results in nutrition with a more distinct flavor. It has a timer that’s easy to adjust and temperature control to use for precision cooking.

Additionally, the Air Fryer is also known to save on oil consumption, which sits well with many consumers and homemakers. Some brands are known to save 80% of cooking oil compared to a regular deep fryer.

If you plan to get an Airfryer for yourself, the first thing you need to do is learn how to use it.

Things To Consider While Using an Air Fryer for the First Time

Here are some points to consider before using the air fryer for the first time.

Amount of food

The answer to this question won’t be in your user manual. Overloading the air fryer will result in a mess if you’re not careful. Using too much food and oil at once will cause extreme temperatures to build up inside your air fryer. It can also overheat the wires, which are essential for cooking. The recommended maximum amount of food is 70% volume in the air fryer basket,


If you’re heating the food from frozen, then preheating is optional. If you plan on using the preset temperatures in your air fryer, then preheating will help speed up cooking time and reduce seasonings used by at least a third. Using an Air Fryer for First Time without preheating will result in longer cooking times and may cause your food to stick on the bottom or develop a burnt taste.


An air fryer cooks food by rotating hot air around the food. Therefore it is necessary to keep the gap between the food items so that the hot air can pass through. If there is a lot of food in the basket, the rotation fan will struggle to push hot air around the food.

Cooking Time

Your user guide should provide recipe suggestions for cooking time based on your type of cuisine and how fast you want your meal to be ready. Buy the chart below for an easy cooking time and temperature guide. Check out this blog for new air fryer recipes with cooking settings.

Using Air Fryers with Smart Technology

Some air fryers are equipped with intelligent technology, which is the next best thing to having a personal chef. It features unique settings that allow you to set the cooking time, but it also includes its logic in finding the best temperature for your food based on how much grease and oil is added into the machine. When using an Air Fryer for First Time with intelligent technology, there will be no need to flip or stir the food while cooking. It will automatically rotate the foods for you while it cooks too.

Five Tips for first-time air fryer cooking:

  • Your Air Fryer should be placed on a heat-resistant table or counter. It should be positioned far away or five inches away from the exhaust vent.
  • Before you put in the food to fry, make sure that the fryer has been pre-heated. Set the temperature accordingly and turn on the timer. Once it clicks, the fryer is already pre-heated.
  • Do not pour cooking oil on the food you are cooking. The ideal thing to do is to spray the oil on the food or the fryer. This is one of the ways that help lessen oil consumption. Do not use just any kind of spray bottle, though; use the hand-pumped ones and avoid the aerosol can types.
  • Learn the proper way of bread, which is an important element in most Air Frying recipes. Familiarizing yourself with the technique will help you cook satisfying and mouth watering dishes.
  • Finally, learn how to properly position food on the fryer. Do not force everything on it. If the fryer is overcrowded, it won’t cook the food evenly. Some will brown, and some will not. Some will become crispy, while others will be too difficult to chew.

The usability of an Air Fryer depends on the company manufacturing the appliance. If you want to choose the best air fryer for your family, check our list for better information.

Final Advice

When using the air fryer for the first time, it is always a good idea to follow any manual steps required before using this machine. In addition, there may be specific settings that you need to use with your air fryer. Ensure that you know these before using this machine, and always read the instruction manual carefully for any details that may be overlooked.

This will help ensure that your first time using an Air Fryer for First Time is successful. You’ll find out how easy it is to cook healthier and faster foods using your air fryer.

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Learning the basics of air frying will help you enjoy the advantages of having a kitchen wonder like the Air Fryer, and the best way for you to do that is to leaf through cookbooks specially written for air fryers. Most air fryers in the market come with one, but if you really want to up your game, you can select one in our list that features more recipes so that you can enjoy cooking with an air fryer in more ways than one. There is sure to be one or more cookbooks in our selection that will pique your interest, so go ahead and dive in.