Philips is the company that introduced air fryers in the market. The need and use for air fryers has been increasing gradually since then. This article is about Philips air fryer reviews 2021. If you want to read the reviews of the individual model of Philips. CLICK HERE

Here we will talk about why you should or should not choose Philips air fryer over other brands.

Oil-Free Deep-Fried food by Philip Airfryer

Most of the nutritions always asked to keep off the junk food especially the food used to have a deep-fried. Merely what if you can have a fantastic kitchen appliance that can make you tasty deep-fries without extra oil. Now I know that most of you are starting to nod your head out of suspicion. But yes, it is true, at least for the consumer of the Philips Airfryer who supports the statement. Now I bet that all you foodies who are also very passionate about cooking have already checked this new kitchen gadget.

Its Rapid Air Technology distinguishes it from the competition since it is specifically intended to efficiently cook food and provide you with the best-tasting dishes possible.
Its Rapid Air Technology distinguishes it from the competition since it is specifically intended to efficiently cook food and provide you with the best-tasting dishes possible.

The Philip Airfryer uses the “Rapid Air Technology” to heat the food from all around, while the traditional fryers use oil for crispy fries. What happens in the Phillips Air fryer is that the food will be bombarded by hot air from all sides at the same time.

It will be assured that you can have your chips and fries in around fifteen minutes. The Philip Airfryer gives you amazing fries without the unnecessary calories and Cholesterol, which can be sufficed by most fryers using oil for deep frying. In a word, this might be the best health instructor who reminds you to feed healthy food and prepare it for your kin.

The procedure that Philip Airfryer follows to cook without oil:

The Philips Air fryer needs three minutes to obtain the exact temperature to cook the food. But this is not essential for many items. Some foods can be prepared only by hot air.

The operational process of the Air Fryer seems like the coffee machine. There are two different compartments for cooking. Though the space inside the Air fryer is not very large for a big family, the size doesn’t even matter as the Air Fryer cooks the food quickly so one can easily cook enough food.

Oil Less Fryer Methodology of the Philips Air Fryer

The Air fryer has two different portions. There are the grill and fan in the top section, and in the lower part, you will find the food basket used as the frying portion of the Air fryer. The best part is that you can cook two different items simultaneously with this AirFryer.

Now don’t get a wrong idea about the size because you can quickly cook at least 700g of chips at a time with the aid of two compartments. Then you can quickly cook two different items such as grill and fries for two individuals.

The highest temperature of 200 degrees Celsius of the Arifryer is conducive to cook correctly. The Airfryer also has some extra features like a  timer. You can set the time for 30  minutes, which saves the food from overcooking. The timer also saves electricity and provides perfect cooking. Now you can have your fries anytime, including after a midnight party. I want to say that you can set the timer and go anywhere without the tension of any mishap.

Does the Philip Airfryer provide 100% oil-free food or not?

One of the FAQs is “Do we get oil-free food from this AirFryer?” Now, As you all get the Air Fryer working procedure in the above paragraph. But what you need to know is that the use of oil is your choice, but you need some oil for better cooking. Still, the amount is negligible compared to the cooked food from other fryers, yes, but if you want to get some crispy fries, you need to add a little bit of oil which helps the vegetable to become crisp, and also you need oil for the natural texture of the fries.

Philips air fryer ensures 80% Less Oil Frying
Philips air fryer ensures 80% Less Oil Frying

For every 2lb of fries, you will need only one spoon of the oil, which is pretty much awesome when you think about the oil you will have for the same amount of fries when you cook it with other fryers.

The air fryer is going to decrease the hazards of cooking for the men. Because you don’t need to do anything but to start the Airfryer, so there would be no need for stirring or watching from time to time.

Trust me on this; all the butter lovers will love this AirFryer because you can easily add the butter to your food without having any extra tension of high Cholesterol or gastric problem. When you can have the ability to fry without excess oil, then you have the option to use butter for your delicious food. The butter will give your food the lovely texture and flavor from the outside and much more taste.

The Philip Airfryer gives your non-stinky kitchen the hassle-free cleaning option:

The Philip AirFryer consumer also mentioned that it solves the oily smell problem. Some of them told us about the foul smell they had in their kitchen when they used the deep oil fryer, and it lasted for a couple of days. The new Philip AirFryer has an odor filter that purifies the smell of fries.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Philips Air Fryer

There are always complaints from the user about the traditional fryers’ cleaning process, which needs a lot of hard work to clean. But the Philips Airfryer changed the situation. It’s become effortless to clean. As the Philip Airfryer has a removable basket so it can be washed easily. And the best part is that it doesn’t need time because of the oil-free option. Moreover, the outer side has a Teflon-coated surface, which is easy to clean by wiping it out with a cloth or tissue.

Most consumers who use this Philip Airfryer are blown away by this non-stinky and odor-free kitchen gadget.

Advantage of Philip Airfryer compares to other low-fat cooking gadgets:

  1. The Philip Airfryer is one of the preferable low-fat cookers because of the grill portion. Because of this grill portion, one can quickly cook meat patties. And also, the grill item can be cooked quickly to a high temperature.
  2. It will pass the vegetable necessary hot air from all the sides, creating a crispy texture all around. So no chance to undercook some portions.
  3. The adjustable 380F gives the Philips Airfryer more compatibility than the others Airfryer.
  4. The 30-minute timer is very efficient and electricity-consuming.
  5. The looks of the Philip air fryer are more attractive compared with others.

Including exiting recipe book late:

Philips Air Fryer comes with a Recipe Book
Philips Air Fryer comes with a Recipe Book

Those who haven’t heard about the Philips Airfryer before can easily be surprised by all the features. And think about the delicious fries and other snacks without the extra oil that can make you more interested in the fabulous kitchen gadget. One thing that is also available with the Philip air fryer is the recipe booklet, where you will find many recipes that the Philip Airfryer can prepare. Remember one thing: you can give your loving ones their favorite food without any tension of the fattening oils. And for all the sweet lovers, the best part is that you can have different cake recipes here, which you can bake with the air fryer.

A fantastic gift for your loving ones:

I think for a Xmas present nothing is better than a low-fat cooker like Philip Airfryer. It could be a pretty fantastic gift for health-conscious people and elders. A low-fat cooking gadget can make your parents happy and it is also good for their health. Besides, every year there are tons of people who start their year with the one new year resolution about weight loss, so the endowment can also invite them to set forth the process by creating low-fat food.

You can also give it to your friends for their wedding and in a house moving occasion. It’s never too late to start eating good oil-free food so you can provide the Airfryer to anyone, even yourself, at any time of the year.

Is it a wise decision to buy the Philip Airfryer

Philips Air Fryer is a great Christmas Gift
Philips Air Fryer is a great Christmas Gift

A cool gadget like Philip Airfryer has its price limit. But the thing is, is this price more worthy than its service?. The Philip Airfryer is quite expensive. It will cost 100 pounds or 200 USD. But I think you can easily understand that it will save a lot more money than it cost you in the long run.

You can quickly decrease the amount by shopping online and utilize different vouchers. And remember one thing that it’s your health that matters, and the Philip Airfryer gives you the option to enjoy your favorite food without the tension of having Cholesterol or any form of the disease. Now, almost 80 percent of consumers who already use this Philip air fryer are just enjoying the way it goes for them.

Disadvantages of Philips Airfryer

While Philips is among the best air fryers in the US market, it has some cons. No appliance has made it ever to top without some limitations

  • Philips air fryer is slightly expensive than any other air fryer due to its premium build quality
  • Less number of variants: while other brands have dozens of models, size variants, and color variants available, Philips only offers a few of those and mostly in black.

FAQ on Philips Air Fryer Reviews 2021

Are Philips air fryers any good?

Definitely yes. This whole article tells you that Philips air fryers are among the best air fryers in our market due to their superior quality, state-of-the-art patented technology, impeccable marketing and distribution, and excellent customer service.

What are the best air fryer brands on the market?

The most sold air fryer brands in 2021 are NuWave, Cosori, Philips, and Ninja. Of course, there are many other air fryer brands in the market, but there are 4. Among them, Philips is arguably the best.

Which is the best Philips Air Fryer to buy?

The three best Philips air fryer to buy are 

  • Philips XXL
  • Philips Turbostar
  • Philips Kitchen Appliances Avance Digital TurboStar